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Learn the practices of growing delicious and beneficial mushrooms at home, and explore the amazing role of fungi in nature and our lives. This unique 2 hour hands-on beginner course is an excellent introduction to the lifecycle of fungi and how to cultivate them right in your own home or garden. Through a 'Mushrooms 101' style power point presentation, participants will walk away with an understanding of mushroom biology, classification, growth-cycle and basic cultivation equipment. Class includes two mushroom growing kits featuring 2 different kinds of Oyster Mushrooms ($10 value). Each kit can grow up to 2 pounds of fresh mushrooms! Additional kits available for purchase. Details given in class. Min 6 Max 15 Instructor: Wyatt Bryson, studying and growing mushrooms for 5 years, owner of Mycolab Solutions and Jewels of the Forest Farms in Occidental.

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Wyatt Bryson


Age Restriction 18+